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TextNow Phone Support

TextNow Support July 18, 2013 TextNow Phone FAQ

Q. What is the price of TextNow Powered Phones, and what plans are available?
A. To order TextNow Phone and for information on pricing and available plans, please visit


Q. How do I pay my monthly bill?
A. Payments for the monthly subscription are automatically charged to the same credit card you used to pay for the phone and first month of service. If you want to change or update your payment information, please call us at 1 (888) 250-5255 from 9am-6pm (EST), Mon-Fri.


Q. Can I purchase a phone or pay my monthly fees with something other then a credit card? Which credit cards are accepted?
A. Only credit cards are accepted at this time - Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


Q: Can I use my own phone with the TextNow Powered Phone plans?
A: Not at this time, sorry.  To ensure you are made aware of this when available, please submit your email address using the following form: Please note that eligible hardware will be Sprint-branded Android CDMA Smartphones running OS 4.0+.


Q: Where can I use the TextNow Phone? Does TextNow Powered Phone work outside the United States?
A. TextNow Phones connect to the Sprint data network, so they can only be used in the United States where there is Sprint, non-roaming data coverage at this time. For a coverage map, please see:


Q: Can I port my non-TextNow phone number in to use with the TextNow Powered Phone?
A: If your phone number is eligible then we can port it in for use on your TextNow account. To determine eligibility, please send an email to, open a support ticket on this site or call us at 1 (888) 250-5255 from 9am-6pm (EST), Mon-Fri, with your TextNow username and the phone number you want to port.


Q. What's the difference between the minutes and data included with your plans?
A. When WiFi is off or unavailable, data is used up from any action that requires an internet connection, including browsing the internet, installing apps and using TextNow. Minutes are only used for outbound calls placed to non-TextNow phone numbers, whether you're connected to WiFi or not.


Q. How much of my monthly data allotment is consumed by using TextNow?
A. The amount of data consumed by using TextNow is low; about 0.3MB per 1 minute of a phone call and less than 1KB per standard text message.


Q. Do the roll-over minutes expire at any point?
A. No they don't, minutes roll-over indefinitely, even if you cancel your subscription and continue using TextNow as a free user.


Q. Does the data included with my plan roll-over?
A. No it does not.


Q. Does only the TextNow app work on a TextNow Powered Phone?
A. You can use the TextNow Powered Phone to do anything you would normally do while connected to the internet (use other apps, browser the web, etc.). The TextNow Powered Phone is a normal Android phone with Google Play store, so you can download apps and use them as you would on any other Android device.


Q. What is the data connection speed of the TextNow Powered Phones?
A. You can reach connection speeds that are comparable to any 3G or 4G connected smartphone on a cellular network, depending on location and strength of network.


Q. Can I dial 911 from the TextNow Powered Phone?
A. Yes, you can.


Q. How do I cancel my service?
A. Please contact support at and click on the link at the top of the page for TextNow Powered Phone support. We will need your TextNow username and reason for cancelling.